Looking to bring your vision to life in your yard? Our 16 years of experience makes us your Lakeland landscaping experts. We service all areas of Lakeland from as far south as Mulberry all the way north to the Kathleen area and everywhere in between.

Landscape Design in Lakeland FL

At Creative Edge, we will sit down with you for a free consultation so we can learn what your looking for and see the vision you have for your yard. We will then use sophisticated computer modeling software to plan out every detail of your landscape design and present it to you. You then have the ability to approve the design or make changes.

Lakeland Landscaping Experts

Make sure your landscaper is trained in designing landscapes with Florida plants.  We take great care in determining each plant’s location based on your yard and it’s unique elements. Shade, sunlight, trees, fences, etc. all are important factors in plant placement to make sure your landscape stays healthy.

Why choose Creative Edge?

Here are just a few of the things that set us apart. We look forward to serving you.

  • We plant all plants with a starter fertilizer, ensuring a head start and proper growth
  • Our landscapers use all proper planting techniques such as depth and spacing to ensure ideal growth.
  • We’ll make sure all trees and palms are strapped, braced, or tied depending on their size. This makes sure they maintain proper placement in high winds until their roots are stable
  • Plant options include smaller, newer growth plants from one gallon to special ordered fully-matured plants
  • All plants that we suggest will be hand picked for your specific landscaping goal

Ready for your lawn to look its finest? Call Creative Edge or contact us online!